Xander Chong received his first DSLR camera at the end of 2007. Experimenting and learning from mistakes, he has since been teaching himself the required skills to capture images. In essence, the touch of natural light on a subject fascinates him the most. When combined with the right moment and the right ambience, light creates something spectacular through the lens.

Born in the capital city of Malaysia, the colourful blend of cultures inspired Xander into travelling. Frequent ventures into the unknown terra firma broadens his perspective on the wonders of photography. For that, images are beyond aesthetic expression; they could tell a story, represent a feeling, and remind us of certain values.

Armed with Adobe Creative Suite, a wonderful sense of humour and an iPod nano, Xander is a keen designer working on magazines, advertisements, posters, logos, web designs (including this) and a bit of fine art. See W O R K S for an overview.

His lifetime goal is to visit a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and may one day hike along the Silk Road.

If you have any questions, please feel free to C O N T A C T him, and he shall respond to you very soon!